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Movies, Movies and maybe a couple more movies.....if you lucky
Here, right here, I give you some of the best RC movies sites around, as well as some of my person favorite movies that I have found. So enjoy!

RC movie sites:

One of, if not THE, best RC movies sites around. Went down about a year ago and has only just been put back up on the net. Still has a few bugs, but is home to some of the best RC movies around. I recomend checking it out!

M16-A2's Movies
Here there are several short movies of his RB Concept X12 Powered HPI Nitro MT, and there are only going to be more better movies, so add it to your favorites
Here you can download video clips, and get a taste of the excitement Freestyle RC has to offer! then if you like what you see, you can grab the video from you LHS!
Here there is everything a guy could want, chicks and RC cars, LOL. You can download clips from there movie, and after that you can grab a copy of the flic from you LHS!

Recomended RC Viewing:

GT Moshings- By Juls Creations. 10 STARS!
OK, I said EMT Conspiracy had to be one of the best movies around, and that would make this THE best movie around! I present GT Moshings! This is packed full of all you favorite vehicles ranging from GT's to GT's and it also features yours truly! Thatís right! Look out for my yellow bumper, plus spot me in the credits, I'm Brock! Packed full of back flips, front flips, insane jumps, cliff drops, endless wheelies and awesome carnage this is the newest release from JC and is all the best footage of our bash sessions perfectly choreographed to Crystal Method- Name of the game! This movie is DEFINITELY worth a look, if not several! Oh and BTW, it comes as a ZIP file because it has a codec with it that enables you to watch it in widescreen! OH YEAH! Check it out!
Duration- 04:35
File size- 36.3M

EMT Conspiracy- By Juls Creations. 5 Stars
I think this has to be one of the best RC movies on the net today. Its got dunes, BMX tracks, rock crawling, BACKFLIPS, heaps of stupidly awesome jumps and even cliff drops! And, just to make it even better to watch, this movie is perfectly choreographed with excelent music and awesome content. CHECK IT!
Duration- 06:53
File size- 33.8M

Rally Evolution- By Juls Creations. 4 Stars
Another of the best RC movies on the net. This one though, is not one of those 'beat the heck out of your RC' movies, it's more of an actual scaled done rally movie. This means there is no hardcore jumps, but wicked powerslides and rally action!. Sometimes you dont even know your watching an RC car!
Duration- 07:18
File Size- 5.5M

The END- By DV Productions. 4 Stars
This is one of the most Hardcore RC vids that you will find on the net today. its got everything from skate parks to THREE STORY DROPS. I would have given this 5 stars, but it lost one star cause the cips inside the movie are a little too short and the movie starts to hurt your eyes about 1min through and the only thing that keeps you from looking away is the wicked, hardcore content! check it out!
Duration- 06:22
File Size- 83.6M

Extrinsic- By DV Productions. 3 Stars
I think the main reason i like this movie is cause its just two HPI NMTs bashing around. Also, it's shot like its just another day of RCing, they are not trying to go extreme, its just another day of bashing. It also seems like the cars have loads more power that they arent using, cause they seem to be able to flip over with out any troubles. Which is saying heaps for the NMT, cause they dont wheelie very easily, yet these ones are fliping over. The Content in these movies is pretty good also. lots of jumping on some BMX jumps, geting some pretty big air, as well as lots of carnage, im not sure if they actually landed any of the jumps in the movie? LOL anyways, its a good vid so check it!
Duration- 04:09
File Size- 39.8M