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I really didn't want it to happen, but i had to sell this beast.
I couldnt afford to keep both cars, and i found the GT all round better then the NMT, but its just my personal preference, dont let me put you off the NMT. With my diving style(Hard-Core) the GT was just plain more fun, and because it is 2WD, it had a faster top-speed, plus i didnt seem to break AS much stuff..
Anyways, i decided to keep this page up, so you can see some nice pics of the beast.

Hop-ups: These are some of the current Hop-ups that its being sold with:
~*~Completely Rebuilt .15 FE with new Eureaka Pro 10fin purple alloy head
~*~Venom light wieght alloy flywheel
~*~MIP racing clutch
~*~SS Hinge Pin set
~*~GPM blue threaded alloy rear shocks
~*~Eureaka Pro pipe
~*~OS header-polished
~*~HPI racer tank
~*~Slipper clutch
~*~Lunsford Ti turn buckles
~*~Eureka Pro closed ends
~*~HD front out drives
~*~Fiber disk brake

My NMT after body was painted

"Wallis Racing"

Sitting on jump

Still sitting on jump

bottom of chassis

NMT gets air born

Just taking off

Just about to take off

O.S. CV-RX, Hong Nor header and Hong Nor pipe

Looks good, ay?

NMT idleing

NMT Roosting

NMT Roosting

Some of my 'ex' arms and diffs

My work bench

Just a few of the parts i broke. Told you i beat the hell outa this car ;o)

This is how it looked just before i sold it.

The Beast!

OS header and Eureaka Pro head

Venom Light-weight vented flywheel

Ti turn buckles and closed ends/captured ends

Fiber disk brake

Ti turn buckles and closed ends/captured ends

Kinda sad to see it go

I love this paint job, simple yet effective.

The body doesnt seem to suit the car that much though?